We’re thrilled to have our Bluetooth Marine Stereo ranked as the best marine stereo of 2016!

Ezvid Wiki, the world’s first video wiki, has researched the 2016 marine stereo market and ranked our AQ-MP-5BT Marine Stereo as the very best!  Check out the results here.

Aquatic AV’s AQ-MP-5BT Marine Stereo is Bluetooth ready – just pair with your smartphone or MP3 player, stow it away within the internal dock and and immerse yourself in up to 288W of the best sound quality on the water!  With a fully waterproof design and high-quality options for connecting speakers, subwoofers or additional amplifiers the AQ-MP-5BT is ready to rock.

Full product details can be found here.

The AQ-MP-5BT Marine Stereo is still available into 2017 – get yours today and enjoy your time on the water with Aquatic AV.  #loudbydesign


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