Aquatic AV will attend Piscine Global Expo 2014 in Lyon, France, November 18th – 21st 2014.

On display at the show we have some great new products for pool and spa applications!


‘MP’ Media Players – In-dash (DIN) mount Media Players for digital media devices

Our patented flagship model AQ-MP-5UBT is the perfect waterproof stereo, packed with features including 3″ color screen with album artwork and song/playlist data, IAP Bluetooth, USB connectivity and easy navigation via rotary knob control.

The patented AQ-MP-5BT features standard Bluetooth connectivity, 3″ dot-matrix display, device connection via 3.5mm jack plug or RCA inputs and easy navigation via rotary knob control.

AQ-BC-5BT: BlueCube – Hide-away Stereo with Bluetooth Connectivity
Aquatic AV’s new BlueCube Media Player is designed to be installed completely hidden away and out-of-sight.

Wirelessly connect your Bluetooth enabled device to stream your music directly from your device. Control music directly from your device or via the BlueCube remote controls.


AQ-SPKTD-1: Transducer Speaker
Attach the AQ-SPKTD-1 speaker to any flat surface (e.g. fibreglass) using the mounting provided and then connect the speaker to your stereo via speaker wires.

When an audio signal is output from the stereo to the transducer speaker the flat surface is then vibrated or ‘excited’ by the transducer and the flat surface itself is converted into the speaker!

Ideal for applications where space is at a premium or when using traditional speakers would compromise the design aesthetics of your installation.

Digital Media Lockers™
Aquatic AV’s patented Digital Media Lockers™ provide waterproof and secure storage for MP3 players and devices with a powerful 288W built-in amplifier and FM radio. Oversized compartments accommodate even the largest smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note and iPhone 6 Plus.

Connect your device via USB, 3.5mm jack or wirelessly via Bluetooth. Take control of your music and view track data (song, artist, album, playlist) directly on the handheld waterproof Remote Control (included).

Visit us on stand 5A69 to check out the new standard in waterproof entertainment products and solutions!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Piscine Global Expo 2014: