The new model, AQ-SPK8.0-4 features silver sport-style grill, is fully waterproof, UV and salt/fog resistant and is supplied with Stainless Steel mounting hardware – perfect for use in a range of wet, dusty and harsh environments such as marine, spa/hot tub, poolside, bathroom, ATV and more!

Rated at 160W max power output (80W RMS) and frequency response of 59Hz-20,000Hz with 12dB/octave cross-over, the 8” speaker is capable of a much lower bass response than comparable smaller speakers, plus the 1” horn delivers high frequency content more efficiently and at a higher SPL (Sound Pressure Level) than standard tweeters – so from a quiet session of classical music to pumping out the latest dance tracks at high volume, the AQ-SPK8.0-4 will handle things with ease, maintaining faithful reproduction of your favourite sounds in any application.

Aquatic AV only use high quality materials to construct their products and the 8” speaker is no exception – Polypropylene cone, Ferrite magnets and UV resistant grill and basket material all combine to provide a durable, long lasting and great sounding full-range speaker.

The AQ-SPK8.0-4 speaker will mount directly into an apperture of 188mm and requires a depth of only 87mm.