Q. There is a sun glare on my stereo’s display screen when I ride, what can I do about this?

A. We suggest purchasing a DayVue antireflective film from www.Nushield.com. Head to their website and search “Aquatic AV” as the manufacturer. The DayVue film is clear and will not change the screen image.

Q. The sound keeps cutting out from the stereo while power remains on, what’s happening?

A. It is likely your Harley-Davidson® battery needs charging or replacing. If the voltage drops under 9.6V the sound may cut out while the unit will remain powered on and appear to be working perfectly. Test your battery for charge with a view to charging or replacing the battery.

Q. I’m using LED headlights on my Harley – will this affect the stereo’s performance?

A. In some circumstances using LED headlights can create interference that will effect Aquatic AV stereos in strange ways. Random changes in volume, hand controls not working and other unwanted effects. This is caused by interference with the LED headlights and easily resolved by fixing a fairrite around the wiring harness to the LED headlight. This will eliminate the interference and resolve the stereo problems.



Q. My source unit is not powering on, how do I check the wiring is OK?

A. There are three wires that need to be hooked up to power your stereo.  The red wire is hooked up either to a switched power (12VDC), i.e. a key switch or a main power switch, or direct power to the battery (12VDC). The yellow wire is hooked up to direct power from the battery (12VDC). This is the memory wire to save all audio settings and FM preset stations. Lastly there is the black wire, this is the ground wire. Hook this up to battery negative (-12VDC). Make sure all fuses are not blown and have power running to them.

Q. How do I wire an external amplifier to my existing source unit?

A. There are five different connections to wires to an external amplifier.

Power wire from battery (+12VDC) goes to positive lead on amplifier.
Negative from battery (-12VDC) goes to the negative lead on the amplifier.
Blue wire from stereo gets connected to the remote turn on terminal on the amplifier.
The front or rear line out RCAs are connected to the input on the amplifier.
The speakers are connected to the outputs of the amplifier to power them.

Q. My rear speakers have stopped working, is there a setting that has changed?

A. Yes. The first option is in the settings menu (top right hand button) press this to scroll through the menu options you will come across an option “REAR SPKR” it will read ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ make sure it is set to ‘ON’.  Another feature that could cause the rear speakers to not function or function improperly is 2- Zone fucntion. You may have accidentally pressed 2-Zone and turned on this feature, if the LCD has the words “2-Zone” illuminated on the LCD this function is turned on. To turn it off press the 2 Zone button on the top row of buttons and it will read ‘2-Zone Off’.

Q. How many speakers can I run from my source unit?

A. The internal amplifier is 2 Ohm stable. You can hook up two (2) speakers per channel if they are rated as 4 Ohm and connected in parallel.

Q. What is the wiring harness color code?

A. You can find an in depth video to our wiring harness (How to Wire Your Stereo) on our Videos page here.

Q. Which iPod models will work with my source unit?

A. Contact tech@aquaticav.com for a full list of compatible models.



Q. My AQ-DM-4B will only read no link, but I am in range of my docking station?

A. The remote may not be paired correctly. First try this with the power to the docking station turned on. Press the power button on the handheld remote, the remote will turn on and display ‘NO LINK’. Once it reads ‘NO LINK’ press power again and it should display ‘Welcome’ and begin to work. (Sometimes these remotes require the power button twice to start working).

If this does not work please try re-pairing the remote control using the instructions detailed in our Videos ‘AQ-DM-4B Pairing Process’ video here.

Other things to check:
Make sure the backlight is bright and does not flash when you press the buttons on the remote as the battery level may be too low.

Make sure that both the inside cradle of your docking station and the back of your remote have stickers that say ‘version 1.1’.

Q. My AQ-RF-DM-2BX only shows ‘- -‘ what do I do?

A.  First open the battery compartment make sure the battery is making good contact. Seal the battery compartment and wait for the ‘- -‘ to disappear from the LCD. Once it goes away begin the pairing process as follows:

With the docking station turned off, hold play/pause and power buttons simultaneously on the remote until the LCD displays ‘Pair’.  Once the LCD displays ‘Pair’ you have 10 seconds to turn on the docking station.  The remote will display either mode ‘Radio’ or ‘iPod’ and then begin to work.

If neither of these solves the issue we recommend trying to replace the battery as it has been known to resolve this issue.

Q. My wireless flush-mount remote control beeps but will not function, what do I do?

A. The remote may not be paired correctly. Press and hold the audio/select button for about 5 seconds until the LCD turns on saying +LRN –CLR press the volume + button within 3 seconds.

Then the LCD will walk you through the steps to pair the remote: the LCD on the remote will read ‘press power’, ‘select’, ‘band’ or ‘mode’.

Press all these within 3 seconds each button and then the LCD on the remote will read “learning ok” and will start to work.

Q. My Handheld remote’s LEDs light up but the remote does not function, what can I do?

A. First verify that the RF Receiver is plugged into the ‘To Wired Remote’ lead on the rear of the unit. This RF Receiver is a black box and may have an orange wire coming out of it (this is the RF Antenna).

Once you have confirmed the receiver is plugged in, with the stereo power on press and hold mute on the remote for 10 seconds and the stereo should go into mute mode. The remote then should start to function.

Q. How many remote controls can I attached to my source unit?

A. All units can take up to 10 remotes.

Q. What kind of battery does my remote take?

A. This depends on the type of remote you have, see the list below for specifics.

  • AQ-RF-3HH – 2 AAA Batteries
  • AQ-RFDM-4B – CR2430
  • AQ-RFDM-2Bx – CR2032
  • AQ-RF-3 – CR2430
  • AQ-RF-34T – CR2025