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Find Answers to Pre-Sale Questions + Authorized Dealer and Distributor Information

How to Buy

Buying Aquatic AV Products Online
For the best price and buying experience, we recommend you purchase Aquatic AV products via an authorized reseller. When purchasing Aquatic AV products online, make sure the seller is an authorized reseller by checking our Dealer Locator before making your purchase or purchase directly from the Aquatic AV Store.
Why purchase from an authorized reseller? For the best buying experience, product support, and a valid warranty, you must purchase from an Aquatic AV authorized reseller.
Here are some tips when purchasing Aquatic AV products online:
  • On Amazon: Make sure the seller is either Aquatic AV or an Elite Dealer.
  • On Third-Party Websites: Make sure the domain and company is an Aquatic AV authorized reseller before making your purchase.
  • On E-Bay: Make sure the seller is Aquatic AV or an Elite Dealer.
  • Aquatic AV Store: Purchase directly online with free shipping from the Aquatic AV Store.
More questions before your purchase? Reach out to the Aquatic AV Sales Team at
Where To Purchase Aquatic AV Products
You can purchase Aquatic AV products online and in stores around the world! We make our products available to OEM’s, distributors, dealers, and end-users.
An end-user:
  • If you are looking for the best price and buying experience, we recommend you purchase through an authorized Aquatic AV dealer. To find a dealer near you, please use our store locator here.
  • For purchasing direct, visit
  • If you’re an OEM looking to include our product in your final product, please email us directly at
A dealer:
  • If you are a dealer looking to purchase from a distributor, please find a list of authorized distributors in the US here and internationally here.
  • If you're a dealer looking to purchase directly from Aquatic AV and join our Elite Dealer program, discover more information by sending an email to
A distributor:
  • If you’re a distributor looking to add our products to your distribution network, please send an email to
Please keep in mind that warranties and product registration benefits for all Aquatic AV products are only available if the product is purchased directly from Aquatic AV or from an authorized reseller.

Authorized Dealers

Becoming an Authorized Dealer
First, thank you for your interest! There are two ways to become an authorized dealer eligible to sell Aquatic AV products.
The first option is for a dealer who is interested in more purchasing freedom (i.e. being able to purchase certain Aquatic AV products anytime without meeting a purchase minimum). If this sounds like you, we suggest you apply through an Aquatic AV distributor. To apply to become an authorized dealer, you must complete the Aquatic AV Authorized Dealer Application provided by your distributor. Once submitted, it will go to Aquatic AV and your distributor for review and approval. After approval, you'll be able to purchase Aquatic AV products from your distributor and gain access to the Aquatic AV Dealers Portal.
Those who are interested in becoming an Authorized Dealer also have the option to become an Elite Dealer. Being an Elite Aquatic AV Dealer has its benefits. Elite Dealers have access to the full Aquatic AV product line, including individualized product training, exclusive products available for sale, volume discounts, and priority access to new products. Our Elite Dealers provide a superior buying and service experience to our customers and are important partners to us. Learn more about becoming an Elite Dealer and the requirements involved by reaching out to our Sales team via
Can I Become an Authorized Dealer?
If you're looking to sell Aquatic AV products and want to become an authorized dealer, please reach out to our Sales teams for more information and to discover what opportunities are available.
You can contact our Sales team by sending an email to
Authorized Dealer Application