AD500.4 4-Channel Amplifier

Unleash your audio setup with Aquatic AV's AD500.4 - the most powerful, industry-leading 4-channel amplifier! Tested to perfection, this amplifier delivers clean, robust sound that can conquer any background noise. Doubtful? Don't be - with a whopping 600 watts of pure energy, this amp performs best in high-volume environments. Feel the thrill of taking this device into tough conditions without worry; it's fully waterproof with an IP rating of 67, designed with UV/salt/fog resistance for reliable performance wherever you go. Plus, get a two-year warranty that can be extended with online product registration or by downloading the free Aquatic AV App, ensuring no unexpected surprises. For the ultimate sound experience, pair with any of Aquatic AV's top-of-the-line waterproof speakers!
  • 600 Watt Amplifier With 600W of pure power, this 4-channel amplifier packs a serious punch even in the loudest of environments. Power output @ 4 Ohms: 600W (4x 150W). Power output @ 2 Ohms: 400W (4x 100W).

  • Gain Controls This device comes with gain controls to match the output of the stereo to the amplifier.

  • Shockwave Technology Shockwave technology reduces unwanted EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) to prevent unwanted noise in your audio system.

  • Bridge Mode Bridge Mode allows the power of each channel to be combined for maximum output; this mode is ideal for use with a single subwoofer.

  • Various of Applications Designed to support a variety of applications, this amplifier runs at both 4ohms and 2ohms. Running 2ohm configurations is ideal for powering more speakers, making it a great choice for environments with high background noise.


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What's in the Box?
  • AD500.4 4-Channel Amplifier
  • 2 Output cable with connector
  • 4 stainless steel mounting screws
  • 4 mounting brackets with hardware included
  • 2 Cables for RCA input
  • 2 Cables for the Speaker Level
  • Owner’s Manual

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This device is fully waterproof (rated IP65) and UV/salt/fog resistant to ensure reliable performance even in the toughest conditions.


This product comes with a two year warranty that can be extended with product registration online or via the Aquatic AV App.


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