The Aquatic AV App

Now Available on iOS + Android

Manage  Your Aquatic AV Products

Use the Aquatic AV app to create environments, register devices, and more!

Register Devices

Take advantage of a free Aquatic AV account to register and manage all your devices.

Create Environments

Organize your devices by installation environment for quick access.

Extended Warranty

Register your Aquatic AV devices to add 90 days to your warranty.*

*To add our 90 day extended warranty to your original product warranty, you must register your product within 90 days of the original purchase date. Learn more via Support Center.

Control Select Aquatic AV Devices

Connect select Bluetooth devices, like the all-new Aquatic AV RGB Controller.

Transform your Environment

Switch between 10+ color modes to match your environment and mood.

Endless Possibilities

Choose from thousands of colors and three color selection options.

Take Control

Take full control over the RGB colors of your Aquatic AV device using the advanced features of our RGB Controller.

Personalize your App

Save your favorite colors, or choose from our rotating seasonal presets.

Access Aquatic AV Device Features

Maximize the potential of your Aquatic AV device's capabilities.

Immersive Audio

Enhance your audio experience by connecting and controlling multiple speakers right in the app.

Next Level Features

Gain full access and control over your spa's features by connecting an Aquatic AV Gateway device to your spa and app.

Stay Up to Date

Unlock the full potential of your devices with the latest software updates.