Aquatic AV + Sustainability

Caring for the environment and our planet is part of who we are.

Our Environmental Goal

100% Carbon Neutral

Aquatic AV is dedicated to environmental sustainability and committed to making Aquatic AV carbon neutral by 2030. We are confident that we can achieve this goal as we ramp up our environmental commitments each year.

Our Actions

12+ Years of Solar Energy

Since 2010, our headquarters and warehouse have been powered by our large solar installation, catering to 80% of our energy needs.

100% Renewable Energy

Aquatic AV is proud to operate from 100% clean, green, renewable energy. What we can’t produce we purchase via renewable energy credits and other programs to cover our electricity usage as we build towards 100% capacity.

Battery Backup

We’re installing battery backups to capture excess solar energy for use during peak hours and lessen our reliance on the grid.

3+ EV Charging Stations

Our headquarters offers complimentary electric vehicle (EV) charging for employees who own EVs, along with incentives for EV purchases.

A Globally Distributed Team

Our global team, spread across 5+ time zones, primarily operates from home, minimizing regular commutes and reducing transport emissions.

Reduced Packaging

We are actively collaborating with all our partners to minimize the size of our products and our packaging, to eliminate non-compostable materials and reduce transportation emissions.

Smaller, Greener Products

With the introduction of innovative products like the BLUECUBE6 Mini, we have engineered more compact versions of our products, reducing waste and packaging and minimizing transportation emissions.

Reducing Waste

We have implemented waste reduction strategies, including recycling and composting programs, within our headquarters.

Sustainable Materials

Wherever possible, we use recycled or sustainably sourced materials in our products and packaging.